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Why Foreign Education System is better than Indian Education System?

Education system in India is worse than foreign countries including US, countries of UK and Gulf countries. This is the known fact. We all know it; but why? Why foreign education system is better than Indian education system? Today I will list out few differences between Indian Education System and Foreign Education System. Have a look.

Difference between Indian and Foreign Education System

• Indian education focuses more on theory rather than practical. Indian education system doesn’t allow creativity.
  Whereas in foreign countries; they focus more on practical based learning. And they allow creativity in education.
• In India; education is a formality, part of routine; every Indian must get a degree of Engineering or Medical stream;
  whether you learn something or not. In foreign countries; education is taken as a learning process.
• Foreign education curriculum contains everything taking from arts to sports along with studies. US has arts, sports
  music and theatre in syllabus. Australia focuses more on sports; they have cricket, hockey and boxing in their
  college curriculum. Where as Indian education system only emphasize on studies. There is no room for extra
  curricular in our education system.
• In Dubai; primary and secondary education is free and it is made compulsory in law. Where as in India education is
  becoming business. Taking from privatization of education to tuitions and coaching institute; education is
  generating good money. So business minds are now moving towards education.
• In India students are not given choice to select their field of interest. One must become an engineer or a doctor!
  Sports and arts are considered to be made for leftovers. If you don’t get admission in science of commerce stream;
  you choose arts. This is what Indians feel.
• In India; students are admitted into streams which have higher pay scale or higher number of jobs. And in foreign
  country; students are admitted according to their field of interest.
• In India; students take admission seeing the trends. So if in a particular year, majority of students are rushing
  towards Mechanical Engineering, you’re bound to take admission in Mechanical Engineering. Students are not
  given choice to select their field of stream. In short in India; we go with the flow. Where as in foreign countries,
  students wait until they get admission into their field of interest.
• In India, students are required to memorize facts and figures. Thousands of equations of mathematics, birth dates
  and death dates of freedom fighters, chemical reactions and hundreds of other things. We emphasize on theory.
  And in foreign country they impact knowledge in students through practical implementation.
• Indian education system teaches old technologies. Education system hasn’t changed much after independence.
  Indian education system is very bad in adopting latest technologies in curriculum. In foreign countries; curriculum
  changes everyday according to upgradation of technology and requirements of the industry.
• And lastly we believe in grades and certificates. We believe in taking admission in IITs and IIMs. Foreign countries
  believe in skills. They don’t care about the institution of education more, all they see is what you learnt during your
There are lot of reasons why foreign education system is better than Indian. I was able to list 10 out of them here. We seriously need change in education system! And not only in education system; we need change in the mentality of Indians (so called society) as well. Together we all will have to work hard to bring change in education system! How can we change it? I will share ideas in my next article.


  Foreign Indian Education
Students Creativity Mostly Indian nationals
Value of work experience Practical Academic results most important
Salary New ideas and challenges at every step Low starting salaries

Indian Education vs Foreign  Education

Diff between indian education and foreign education Education builds the man so it builds the nation. Today India is the biggest human resource supplier to the world, but what is the quality of the human capital and it is for whose needs? Statistics show that 58% of the employable population was unemployed in India in the year 2004-05. What is the cause of such high unemployment in India? India aspires to be a developed and a powerful nation, it wants to play a role in the international community, for that to happen, its economy has to grow multifold and for that to happen, it requires a huge force of entrepreneurs who could transform it into a nation which produces, from the one which only consumes. India needs a huge force of innovators who could make it self reliant in all kinds of sciences and technologies. India needs artists who could make its culture the most popular in the world. A culture which is not only saleable itself but also helps in selling India’s products across the world. In a nutshell, India needs Henry Fords, Bill Gateses, Thomas Alva Edisons and Michael Jacksons born and educated in India. One may say we had few. Yes, we had. M. S. Swaminathan who made India self reliant in food grains, Dhiru Bhai Ambani who proved a common man can become a billionaire, Dr. Varghese Kurien who is the father of Amul milk movement, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam who dared to build missiles for India, Pundit Ravishankar who is the ambassador of the Indian music to the world. Such people though in small numbers, were always there. But the question is- are they the products of our education system? No, they were self driven and inspired by themselves. Education should make a person free, should broaden the horizon of thinking and should encourage to experiment and to ask questions. Ultimately, it should make a person realize what capabilities and shortcomings they have. In India the youngsters do not think of selecting careers other than , doctors, MBA’s and IAS officers. It is not the problem with the young generation but the root passes generations to generations wherein the parents and grandparents do not think of any option above to these. They do not vision to think beyond it. It not the problem with the youngsters or their parents but it the problem of our education system which does not give us such visions. The course structure is rigid and minimum options are available. On the other hand if a student opts for an education in a foreign country gets a varied range of courses available and moreover students can choose among a host of classes and courses. They can change their major (i.e. field of study) midway through college. This usually means that students receive more exposure to a variety of subjects and hence, are more aware of their career options and opportunities available to them. The courses are more industry oriented as regards to Indian Education which is far behind the industry. The technique of teaching and the faculty are far more qualified and advanced than in India. The students are required to submit regular assignments and have projects in their curriculum as opposite to Indian Education were in a student just mugs ups the syllabus in the text books without understanding the concepts and vomits in the paper to score good marks in exams. Foreign education gives exposure and incredible chance to meet students of different nationalities and religions. Part time job culture makes the student self reliant and also gives a chance to gain work experience.