Talent Initiators & Accelerators India private limited empowers innovative entrepreneurship. Any venture is only as strong as the people who bring it to life. We are here to bring life to those who bring as many innovative & creative ideas as possible.

We are not here to create a new service or program, we nurture your dreams as well as aspirations to serve the globe in its best possible way in a human life period. Mere economic indicators are not sufficient if the aim is to empower entrepreneurship, to improve the economic position and the control of the proceeds of micro-enterprise we give you guidance from facts and findings of the market as well as individuals.

We suggest that the goal of enterprise programs, in some instances at least, have greater ambitions than just stimulating economic activity, and holds concerns with equality, rights, power and domination. It is important to stress that empowerment outcomes are not only relevant within developing nations where gender and other forms of inequalities are often patent. Economic inequality and constraints on opportunities for marginalised groups also are common in developed nations. Our form of empowerment focuses on the individual’s abilities to control their own destiny as well as to create a valid service for the society.

Major evolutions that are changing the world as we know is going to bring anxiety as well as curiosity into the way entrepreneurs compete in their respective trade. Respect as well as disciplined old school methodology can bring success to an extent, which along with latest trends of marketing strategy can empower any business ideas to heights of success unimaginable.

Demographic shift trend is going to bring more opportunities to become an entrepreneur as job opportunities might become lesser due to higher intervention of technology into daily life. The world's population is expanding at a rapid pace, from 6.7 billion today to more than 9 billion by 2050.Day-to-day requirements are going to rapidly increase where demand to supply chain will need more leaders to head as many trades in the market. We can give you the best solutions to bring out the talents inside you by supporting your creative idea to become a full-fledged business individual.

Where will the growth occur? The rising middle class will require more sophisticated and affordable solutions to educate the next generation with as much skills required to live in the advanced lifestyle of future generation.

The world is changing, and TIA is adapting with it. We are harnessing the power that’s inside TIA to prepare solutions that our franchise will want and value, now and in the years to come. Solutions such as:

TIA MOCK - An extraordinary software based program which was designed for language learners of any age and grasping power currently concentrating in five languages namely German, Spanish, French, Mandarin and English.

TIA PLAY - A play school with a different approach to sprout the inborn talents above and over academics from a very small age.

TIA SHEWIN - Woman empowerment through entrepreneurship with root support from scratch of idea to a full-fledged successful business.

TIA EDGE - Competitive exam preparation for almost all exams in different arenas

TIA TESTHUB - An online platform for writing a mock exam to avoid exam phobia.

TIA MEDIAS - Professional approach to learn art of direction, camera, acting, script writing and editing.

All the above mentioned program is going to bring a change in everyone’s life.



We live in a physical world with space-time dimensions like length, breadth, height or depth along with time. Space keeps changing with time and to certain extent we can decide when should a space change, but time and tide never waits for anyone. It is very evident that those who have managed time in the appropriate way has always been able to become successful. In our natural and wholesome state, we are fully capable of maintaining our own optimum health, energy level, and the mental equilibrium to enjoy a happy and joyous life. Health, energy, and happiness are the inherent part and parcel of our existence. We just need to realize our human composition, and remain connected with our own energy source. What differs us from the rest of the animal kingdom is our humanity – the virtue and the grace of being a Human. This virtue has instilled in us the sense of fairness and justice, the understanding and compassion, the intelligence and wisdom, and the capacity for original thinking. We also have been bestowed with the will power and resolve to achieve the seemingly impossible objectives. These characteristics have elevated us to the level of Human beings. With the grace of Almighty, we are all blessed with a talent in us. It is that talent which makes each and every person of the 7.5 billion people in this world unique. Some are able to identify their talent and exhibit it in the right platform but not everyone gets a chance to be a

celebrity. If you can work without a second thought of failure, success is not too far from you .Each failure is an experience to bring the best out of you. Love the moment you spent so that you will never feel like wasting it for nothing. Energy form inside a human being has its own existence, and contains a level of intelligence and capabilities that far surpass the level that could have been the outcome of the evolutionary process on this earth. On top of our physical capabilities, we have a brain that is an amazing organism in itself. It is a never-tiring instrument that never stops functioning in its natural state. It is an enormously smart processor with its own evolutionary instincts and cleverness embedded into it. Its processing capabilities are self-evident. Naturally, we have a healthy, happy and vibrant life assured to us – as long as we live a modest life like our older generations with modern developments– a life engulfed in compassion, understanding and kindness – enriched in knowledge and creativity – guided by a sense of fairness and justice. A wholesome life full of eternal joy and happiness is ours forever. Living a happy, healthy and vibrant life is that simple and easy.