“Let Your Mind Wander”


Talent Initiators & Accelerators India Private Limited is proud to introduce Miracle Of Communication & Knowledge.We have done extensive research to introduce an extraordinary program that can live in every heart ,no matter where you live you should be able to share your ideas to everyone . If you have heard the story of babel from the holy book of bible you will be inspired to bring a new city of babel not to build a tower to heaven but to build a tower of love , peace and care.What if we make a new language called tia mock which is valid in any country you travel .We would find it super cool if you are able to communicate with the native comrade in their native language.We will not be exploited by middlemen who vanishes once you fall into some serious trouble in a no man’s land. It is always your presence of mind in a situation that makes you compromise it with ease which is possible only if your tongue coordinates with your mind and we use such a simple TONGUE-MIND coordination technique to teach you a new language.


We might not be having enough space to tell you the millions of reasons to take up a program like Tia Mock which indeed is a miraculous program which cannot be explained by scientific laws but credited for our founder’s practical contact with and observations of fact or events from real life experiences from her travel around the globe. Mrs Sheeba Joseph,CEO & Founder -TIA , had worked closely with many people from different ethnicity which gave her a wonderful opportunity to strengthen her inner moonlight and that is the very reason we are enlightening everyone to become a global citizen by learning more and more languages. Relationships matter to build a better social animal in our society and language indeed plays a tough game when you head out for being the best.It is indeed hurting to tell you a fact that we live a life less human and more an animal .Few enjoy living a life like dog (Bark And Die), few love living like a snake (Drink On Ground),few love to be a fish in the pond (Hate Anyone Trying Excitement) and the best of them is the lion (Proud Rude Outstanding Under Dominance).We teach you language of human beings which helps you to talk out your mind without any ego ,hatred or confusion. Ever wondered what is so special of Einstein’s brain , not just his neuroanatomy of brain helped him to give substantial materials for the world to learn for a lifetime. In fact he would have done great research which is not possible until and unless he interacted with a diverse group of people from different trade and customs.Higher intellectual capacity is attained when you interact with more persona and cultures which will be easy when you know more languages. Research has proved that multi linguistic people are much skilled than their monolingual counterparts. It is estimated to be 2.5 petabytes(or a million Gigabytes) as human brain capacity .OMG! that is too much a storage much bigger than any google can offer to anyone.Now you have an inbuilt memory preinstalled when you come from heaven and have you used it for a good cause? Learning a new language enhances your memory capacity that it has proved multi linguistic people are good at business as well as in any specialities. Processing more languages also diminishes the possibility of acquiring neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia.Both these disorders are highly catastrophic to anyone as you will be not able to function your day-to-day activities.


Our R&D department have done a very good research to identify with hitches in language processing and developed a program which will help you learn languages like German, French, English, Mandarin and Hindi with ease of a feather. The program is available in a state -of -art software which guides a language learner to confidently speak in the language which they have enrolled in a short span.The software have 12 stages of 25 formulas each ,putting altogether 300 formulas to learn a new language.Duration of each level depends upon the student’s calibre as well as passion to learn a new language. Each level is meticulously designed to appreciate learners of any age group.We have kept in our heart , people of every age as well their speed of learning in designing our program.

When can a student join for TIA-MOCK?

We have three batches running every month .We have divided the program into three namely Earlybird ,Midring and lastfrog. EarlyBird will be having students from the first two weeks of every month. Midring will be having students joining in the middle of the month. Last-frog accommodates students enrolling in the last weeks of the month.Every batch will be grouped according to batch strength.Every batches will be having limited seats to give individual attention to each student.

Where can we attend TIA-MOCK?

At present we are having tia mock available in our headquarters in Coimbatore exclusively where our R&D team will be training the first set of students.We will be introducing our program in your nearest schools and colleges soon or later.We have discussed with few corporates also to incorporate our program in their advanced training for their executives going abroad as well as any other cities of the same MNC.Many housewives as well as retired people expressed their interest in giving private coaching for students who cannot attend a regular class.Do not get bogged down that we are not having a special coaching centre available anywhere else other than in our headquarters.We want our R&D team to train the first set of students and once we give adequate training to a set of trainers our program will be launched in your locality soon or later.